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Flexi-Seal® 2 Part Liquid Membrane
A Waterproofing Membrane

Flexi-Seal Nail n' Screw Patch

Designed for the waterproofing of showers, bathrooms, decks, balconies and walls!

Flexi-Seal 2 part Liquid membrane is an acrylic cementitious compound designed for the waterproofing of showers, bathrooms, decks, balconies and walls.

It is used in conjunction with, and is compatible with other products making up the Flexi-Seal Approved Waterproofing System.

Flexi-Seal can only be applied by an authorised and approved applicator.

The system is BRANZ appraised for interior and exterior applications.

Typical Properties
Makeup Water Based Modified Acrylic
Reactive Cementitious
Solids (by volume) 72%
Colour Dark Grey (1st coat),
Lighter Grey (2nd coat)
Tensile Strength 1310 Kpa @ 28 days 20 degrees Celsius
Elongation 103% @ 28 days 20 degrees Celsius
Flexibility No cracking after bending 180 degrees (1.5mm film)
Crack Bridging Approx 2mm
Minimum Film Forming Temp 5 degrees Celsius
Flammable No
Toxic No

Performance Data

  • Will adhere to various substrates including, concrete, masonry block, cement sheeting, steel*, galvanized iron, aluminium, bitumen, wood, plywood, and polystyrene.
  • Will offer resistance to ponded water and fungal growth when fully cured.
  • Suitable for potable water, and free of any dangerous toxic materials.
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with under floor heating systems.
  • Restricts permeation of gases.
  • Coating up to 1mm (1000 micron) will level out and dry without crazing or wrinkling
  • Do not apply in low temperatures or in temperatures of extreme humidity or when rain is imminent.

* Prime steel with zinc chromate etch primer

Surface Preparation

Apply only to clean surfaces, which are free from grease, oil, dust and other contaminants. First prime with "Flexi-Seal Primer/Sealer" or "Flexi-Seal Megaprime". For substrates contaminated with moss, mould or lichen, first treat with Orgo'Clean, organic moss and lichen control.


Can be applied conventionally by brush or roller. It is recommended to apply first coat by brush to obtain optimum adhesion.

Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius or if high humidity prevails.

Under high temperatures or in windy conditions fast drying may be experienced, and therefore application made more difficult.

For porous or dusty / oxidised substrates it is even more important to firstly saturate the surface with "Flexi-Seal Sealer / Primer", to stabilize the surface.

"Flexi-Seal 2 Part Waterproofing Membrane" has excellent high build properties, and can be built up to 2000 micron wet in one application. However from a curing point of view and dependant on weather conditions at the time of application, it is more pertinent to apply and build up the membrane in two or more coats, to allow quicker cure in each stage. The thicker the application the longer the cure.

1 litre of mixed membrane applied wet at 1 mm thick will cover 1 square metre over 100% coverage.

When bridging cracks bed reinforcing tape into the first layer, allowing for overcoating once cured. It is ideal for reinforcing cracks in concrete floors prior to tiling.

For all round protection and durability, the final coat in the system should be applied at a rate of 1 litre per square metre giving an optimum dry film thickness. The service life of the membrane is a direct correlation to final dry film thickness.

A built in latent curing mechanism activated by water loss happens in 3 stages. Firstly there is the initial evaporation of the majority of water in the system, followed by the second stage where the surface skins over and cures. The third stage (which takes a minimum of 2-6 days) is to complete cure and gain of cohesive strength.

The application of the second coat can proceed after stage two, whereas weathering and water ponding capability is not achieved until stage three.

This is a three stage system, inclusive of the necessary bond breaker requirements being addressed.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

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