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Flexi-Seal Waterproofing Products


Flexi-Seal Nail n' Screw Patch
Flexi-Seal Screw 'n Nail Patch is a highly polymer modified cementitious compound

Sikasil C Bondbreaker
Sikasil-C is a one-component neutral curing silicone sealant suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is used as a joint sealant between a variety of substrates.

Sikasil llFC Joint Sealant
Sikaflex 11FC is a fast curing, one component polyurethane based compound that is extremely effective, both as a flexible sealant or high strength adhesive.

Sika PEF Rod is manufactured from the highest quality closed cell polyethylene to produce a joint backing material primarily for use in conjunction with elastomeric sealants.

Flexi-Seal Deck Joint Reinforcing Tape
Flexi-Seal Deck Joint Reinforcing Tape is a strong self adhering tape, used to reinforce the joints on plywood decks. It can also be used to reinforce cracks

Flexi-Seal Reinforcing Bandage
Flexi-Seal Reinforcing Bandage is a strongly woven polyester bandage, used to reinforce floor / wall and wall / wall junctions in interior non wet areas ..

Flexi-Seal Sealer Primer
Flexi-Seal Sealer Primer is a water based acrylic primer, used to stabilise substrates prior to overcoating with Flexi-Seal 2 Part Waterproofing Membrane.

Flexi-Seal Mega Prime
Flexi-Seal Mega Prime is a 2 part water based epoxy primer, used to stabilise non porous substrates prior to overcoating with Flexi-Seal 2 Part Waterproofing Membrane.

Flexi-Seal 2 Part Liquid Membrane
Flexi-Seal 2 part Liquid membrane is an acrylic cementitious compound designed for the waterproofing of showers, bathrooms, decks, balconies and walls.

Flexi-Seal Positive Pressure Coat
Flexi-Seal Positive Pressure Coat is a 2 part water based epoxy sealer, used to protect substrates such as masonry walls and concrete floors from dampness and water seepage through external ingress.

Butylseal Flexible Butyl Rubber Tape
A butyl rubber tape with excellent elongation and a degree of memory. Clean and easily placed in position. Does not shrink. Non soluble. Permanently flexible. Can be painted and plastered over. For use on timber, plywood, fibre cement sheet, concrete, masonry block, gib and most metals.

Flexi-Seal P.U.D Flexible Waterproofing Membrane NEW
Flexi-Seal PUD is a blue, water based polyurethane modified, flexible waterproofing membrane.

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