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Flexible Butyl Rubber Tape

Butylseal Tape

Butylseal Tape – excellent elongation and a degree of memory

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A butyl rubber tape with excellent elongation and a degree of memory.

  • Clean and easily placed in position
  • Does not shrink
  • Non soluble
    Permanently flexible
  • Can be painted and plastered over
  • For use on timber, plywood, fibre cement sheet, concrete, masonry block, gib and most metals
Technical Data
Properties Results
Appearance Rubber mastic tape
Solids 100%
Physical Attributes Deforms under compression and adheres to surface
Colour Grey with white woven surface
Application Temperature Range 0 – 40 degrees celcius
Service Temperature Range Minus 20 – 80 degrees celcius
% Elongation at Break > 400%

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