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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the waterproof membrane is damaged prior to tile installation?

Do not attempt to repair it yourself. This would void any guarantee. Please call the approved applicator who installed your system for them to make any repairs.

Are the products used in the "Flexi-Seal Waterproofing System" safe and non toxic?

Yes. Unlike some membrane systems utilising epoxies or fibreglass etc, the Flexi-Seal system contains no dangerous solvents or hydrocarbon. It is a water based system with very little odour.

Is the system expensive?

No. When you compare the "Flexi-Seal Approved Waterproofing System" against other systems and the peace of mind that your shower or deck won't leak, it is very affordable.

Flexi-Seal Nail n' Screw Patch

What adhesives should we use when installing tiles onto the Flexi-Seal Waterproofing Membrane?

Use a C2S2 performance classification under AS4992.1 on areas which have been waterproofed over wooden substrates. This will offer ultimate flexibility. On more stable substrates such as concrete, use a C1S1 performing adhesive. Visit www.flexco-nz.co.nz to view spec sheets on various adhesives.

Why can't I use a One Pot dispersion adhesive?

This is not recommended on waterproofing or in wet areas. Dispersion adhesives rely on a water loss curing mechanism and are re-emulsifiable.

I have a concrete floor without polythene underneath, and moisture is coming up through it. Will Flexi-Seal stop this?

Yes. As with walls with hydrostatic water pressure problems, "Flexi-Seal Positive Pressure Coat" is used in conjunction with the standard "Flexi-Seal Waterproofing System". For performance data, please view specific data sheets relating to the products used in the "Flexi-Seal Approved Waterproofing System".

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