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Building Consent Information

As a requirement of the building consent process, the intended waterproofing system that is to be used, must be submitted with the plans when applying for building consent.

Information that is required includes appraisal information, product system, and installation.

Please print off our product brochure PDF below, as this covers all of these requirements. You need to accompany this with a copy of the appropriate appraisal. Flexi-Seal® appraisals were conducted by BRANZ for interior and exterior application. Please select one of the following for printing:

Flexi-Seal 2D Diagrams

On work completion a signed off copy of the contract/ quotation will be submitted to the owner, builder or developer. If it is a requirement of the local territorial authority, an installation producer statement will also accompany this.

This needs then to be submitted for final approval and issuance of a Certificate of Compliance.

Substrate Installation Specifications

The Flexi-Seal® Approved Waterproofing System is guaranteed on the following substrates. Please download the relevant substrate you are using for installation specification.

Other Information and Recommendations

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